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SOMOS by sharing.

SOMOS by sharing. Sharing flavours, conversations, laughter and success around the table: our table!


We use in our menu a selection of national products of proven quality.
From the fish and the shellfish of our coast to the traditional smoked sausages, and even the superior race meats, especially the “Taurino” and “Maronês”.
The vegetables and fruits are produced in our “Urban Vegetable Garden”, respecting each season of the year.
The method of confection is made through our coal-fired oven HBE, which in addition to the remarkable taste and texture, also ensures that all nutrients remain unchanged.

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SOMOS for the tempting proposals, authentic and irresistible! Because it’s not enough to exist, you have to be.

And WE ARE*!

*WE ARE means SOMOS in Portuguese.